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Re Sugo: Maremma enchants you … (in the kitchen).

At Le Versegge, definitely, you have the freedom to cook at home "your". But if you really want to relax come to Re Sugo, the restaurant of the residence. A family kitchen, made of recipes "home" with the right balance that favor the flavours and lightness of our ingredients. The latter are the central part of our "zero kilometer" philosophy that consists of using only the freshest products of local producers". Download our menu and parts for your holiday with the confidence to be comfortable. Also at the table.

The recipe of the month

Carbonara "wrong" ... For 4 people: Spaghetti 4 ounces, 4 egg yolks, bacon salt (to taste), 3 tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, shaved Parmesan, a little tomato sauce, very little cream of good quality. Boil the noodles in the water - put 4 egg yolks in a bowl and make a creamy sauce by mixing the grated Parmesan cheese and very little cream. Jump over high heat the diced bacon; when it comes to cooking, add a tablespoon of good tomato sauce. Drain the spaghetti and hold little water aside. Turn the egg noodles and add the bacon. Skip everything in the pan on the heat, being careful not to cook the egg, if the dough too dry add a little 'of water and stir jumping. Serve and scrape a rain of Parmesan. Pepper at the end.